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Alimak is extending its transport platform light range with the new single mast ALIMAK TPL 800. The flexible, robust and simple design makes the platform ideal for all vertical access solutions, including buildings and scaffoldings for new construction or refurbishment project. The TPL 800 is designed to offer the most cost-efficient vertical transport solution on site. Each unit has dual functionality and can be used as a transport platform or material hoist.

The new transport platform with a 5-person capacity, is 3.2 m long x 1.0 m wide with a tied lifting height of max. 100m ensuring easy loading of bulky materials. One advantage is the possibility to open up the 3.2 m platform side with bi-folding doors for loading and unloading purposes (C-door).

The transport platform version of the TPL 800 is intended for both passenger and material transport and has a lifting speed of 12m/min in passenger mode with hold-to-run controls and 24m/min for the transportation of materials only with ground station operation controls.

With a simple key switch positioned on the electrical control panel, the machine can be converted from a transport platform or a material hoist with all of the appropriate safety features enabled.


We strive to be the best partner for our customers, regardless of size or location.

  • Dual function: Transport Platform (TP) / Material Hoist (MH)
  • Robust design for maximum endurance on construction and refurbishment jobsites
  • Simple and reliable design
  • Completely reversible right / left hand mast position for the maximum flexibility in the jobsite
  • Entrance options on three sides of the platform is possible
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Triangular mast design, with integrated bolts for the fastest erection and dismantling
  • Easy to position in narrow spaces
  • Safety device
  • Overload protection device
  • Erection platform for smooth and safer installation as standard
  • A series of accessories are available
  • Durable, flexible and above all competitive

Our promise

We strive to be the best partner for our customers, regardless of size or location.

TPL 800
Payload capacity (kg)
Platform width (m)
Platform length (m)
Max. No. of people* (TP/MH mode)
Lifting speed (TP/MH mode)
12/24 m/min
Max. lifting height (m)
100 m (Increased lifting height on request)
Max. tie distance
7.5 m
Max overhang
3.0 m
Max first tie height
6.0 m
Type of mast
Triangular 350, tubular steel with integrated eye bolts

* Max number of people depending on local regulations.

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